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The Artist

Hey! I am Crystal, I am a mother of two beautiful girls and the studio manager at aura artistic images. 

I have spent most of my life in Bathurst & I too come from a large family.

I moved schools in my second year of high school with my sister & It was there that I met Julia & her sister. 

It wasn't long before we became friends & now 15 years on we are still great friends & working as a team here at AAI.


After many years in booking keeping Julia came to me with a business proposal to become apart of Aura Artistic Images. We now get to be apart of this amazing journey together.

Having my own family & watching my girls grow so fast I can't express how precious it is to have those little moments captured. I will always have the memories of my family as we grow together.

I love being apart of the experience each family has at AAI & can't wait to get you started on your journey! 


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Hi! I am Julia, I from Bathurst & I am the photographer at AAI.

When I am not holding a camera I am either spending time with my family, camping, out on a drive or getting creative with a project.

I have spent my life surrounded by all ages & all kinds of personalities coming from a big family myself. Photographing families and all the milestones in between is something that I really love to do. 

It all started when we got our first point & shoot camera when I was in primary school (I know, crazy stuff hey!!! :P )

& the beginning of the camera craze began there.

 In my teens I was often doing something artistic whether I was doing a school project or even just being distracted in class by my own art works "haha" (I'm sure Crystal can vouch for this!)

 I knew I wanted a career in art & photography so I followed my passion to delve into the arts including photography. I then completed my cert IV in design in 2011 & knew I needed to get my hands on my first DSLR.

 I worked in factories & retail to save for my dream & studying photography before finally purchasing my first DSLR camera

 From there It was like an endless world of possibilities to create images. I was lucky enough to meet some truly amazing clients & friends along the way making this journey something truly amazing. 


After years as a professional photographer I feel the journey really shaped me into the photographer/business owner I am today.

I approached my good friend Crystal with an idea in 2020 asking her if she would consider joining the AAI team as I knew she was great with the business side of things & having a beautiful nature as a person.

Now I just cant imagine doing this without her. She really makes the AAI world go around!!

I now get to love every part of each day I get to love this job and the beautiful people I meet along the way. so grateful!!

I hope to meet you soon! ♡


Studio Manager
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'Be yourself and embrace others, it's the key to your own strength and happiness and It also reflects in the ones around you'.

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For those with a love or art, I will have a page available for my artworks in the very near future so keep an eye out for the link